Bordoni: italian hat factory since 1973

Tradition, innovation, passion

Italian Hat Factory

Our story begins with an idea of ​​the founder, who in 1973 began making hats and other clothing accessories starting from scraps of fabric bought in haberdashery.

During the 1980’s, the first employees “workers” began to be hired, who over the years have formed the current “workforce” of various units with specialization in the production of fabric hats.

So here we are in our days with the acquisition of latest generation machinery such as a 4.0 “cutting plotter” machine, always specific for cutting fabric with its dedicated CAD system inserted in the working context. This demanding investment was made necessary by the growing Italian and international demand for specific products, more and more personalized and of ever-increasing quality.

The business strategy, in fact, is aimed not only at an internal market, but also at an international market where the real handmade product in Italy finds its natural place, and it is in the last decade that exports have increased significantly.

Our strengths: tradition, craftsmanship and customization in the product hat (headgear), child, man, woman.

Specific fabric in all its applications. Completely internal processing at every stage of the product.

Italian Hat Factory

Collections for all seasons

Discover our collection of women’s hats: berets, summer and winter hats, basic hats and many more. The hat is the casual and elegant accessory suitable for all occasions.

Italian Hat Factory

Woman, man & kids

A hat for every occasion, for her, him and your little ones. Cappellificio Bordoni, in fact, offers handcrafted creations for the whole family, for all seasons, for special or more discreet occasions, simply to wear a high quality and exquisite Made in Italy product with comfort: women’s hats, men’s hats, hats for girls and boys.

For information on our products we are always at your disposal, contact us without obligation.

"There are three things a woman is capable of doing with nothing: a hat, a salad and a scene"

- Mark Twain -